Explorer Curriculum

Our Vision for the Curriculum at Manor Beach Primary School

Manor Beach Primary School has a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum which stimulates curiosity, a love of learning and ambition for all children. en to achieve their full
At Manor Beach our curriculum is built on the concept that all learning is exploration. Our EXPLORER CURRICULUM aims to nurture and prepare children’s emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and social development through offering investigative, creative and inspiring activities. Our curriculum has been designed to equip pupils with the skills to ask perceptive questions, think critically and challenge, consider evidence and develop a rounded perspective and judgement. We are passionate about creating resilient, aspirational and inquisitive learners, where strong foundations are made for a lifelong love of learning. Through our curriculum, children develop an understanding of citizenship and are empowered to make valuable contributions locally and globally, they will become understanding, tolerant and accountable citizens within their community; understanding their role in protecting our world and environment and knowing how they can cause positive change and development as they grow. With a strong culture of equality and aspiration we aim to remove disadvantage so that every child believes in themselves and can thrive, offering our children the opportunity to foster personal pride in their achievements and provide a purpose and relevance for learning.

How our curriculum is designed

Our core values at the heart of our curriculum:

Curriculum design is viewed by Senior Leaders, Governors and Teachers as an exciting, continuous and fluid process which takes into consideration the needs, characteristics and interests of our children; our locality and community; children’s prior learning and experiences; and the statutory curriculum (EYFS Statutory Framework and the NC). It is constantly evolving to ensure local, national and global contexts are topical; that approaches to ever-changing technologies are embraced; and current educational research and best practice informs pedagogy.  As such, our annual Curriculum Reviews focus on innovative approaches, enhancing initiatives and maintaining high standards to ensure our curriculum is aspirational, dynamic and forward thinking.

Senior Leaders, Governors and teachers are involved in the design of the school’s curriculum, and the views of pupils and parents are sought to inform policy and practice.

When designing the curriculum, we considered the following:

The needs of our pupils

Providing a coherent, structured and ambitious framework for teaching and learning, which is motivating, engaging and appropriate for all

Strong foundations for learning in EYFS, building on the characteristics of learning throughout the school

Delivering a progression of knowledge and skills in all subject areas from Reception to Year 6 to ensure all pupils achieve as well as they can

Ensuring new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and sets the foundation for future learning

A vocabulary rich curriculum

Supporting a culture of curiosity, questioning and exploration alongside resilience and positive mental health and wellbeing, where every child is safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included

Promoting children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

Strengthening children’s capacity as a learner and developing their curiosity, independence, initiative, perseverance, and love of learning

Equipping children with the knowledge and cultural capital they need for future success

The aims of our curriculum

We want children to develop a love for learning enabling them to become lifelong learners and that every child can achieve their full potential. Through a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, our aim is to make all aspects of teaching and learning exciting, engaging and motivating; ensuring all children have the best possible start to their school life. We believe that a curriculum goes beyond the National Curriculum and simply what is assessed. Our curriculum looks to broaden children’s knowledge, learning and experiences. In addition to the National Curriculum requirements, during their time at Manor Beach pupils will have the opportunity to experience:


Through careful and considered planning, we aim to provide:

Ensure all children are literate and numerate, recognising that a focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening and mathematics is fundamental

A broad and balanced provision that promotes aspiration and resilience

A structured and progressive framework for the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, and the development of skills which leads to maximum progress for all children and lifelong learning

High-quality learning experiences, which engage, excite and motivate children in the classroom and beyond

Enrichment experiences where learning and teaching can take place beyond the classroom and involve the wider community

Opportunities that promote pupils’ personal development and encourages them to extend their interests beyond school, for example, through an extensive range of wider curriculum opportunities, learning to think independently and critically

A curriculum which makes the most of our fantastic local environment – our Forest School and the beach on our doorstep

A wealth of relevant resources – in classrooms, outdoors, in the local community and the wider area, including visits and visitors

A self-reflective learning environment which enables children to know and understand what they are learning and why, and allow time to engage, reflect and review – including peer and self-evaluation

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Should parents/carers want to find out more about the curriculum then either contact your child’s class teacher via Class dojo or contact school and ask to speak to Mrs Julie Ward who is the Curriculum Lead.