Reading at Manor Beach Primary

We wholeheartedly believe that all children should have the opportunity to enjoy books.  Reading is a key life skill that everyone is entitled to achieve. Our aim is that all of our children will leave our school having met their potential in reading so they can be successful in their personal and professional lives and engage fully with the world around them.

We want to promote a lifelong love of reading and expose them to different text types; those that challenge, interest and inform them. We want all of our pupils to leave school as confident, fluent and expressive readers who can both understand, evaluate and question what they have read. We want our children to be inspired to read, inspired to write and inspired to learn more and we believe that reading provides this vehicle.

Floppy Phonics

The Floppy’s Phonics programme teaches the letter/sound correspondences of the English alphabetic code   for reading and spelling.  It includes the characters of Floppy the dog, Biff, Chip and Kipper and their family and friends, which engages children fully for the phonics teaching & learning, vocabulary enrichment and language comprehension.

Children are taught the key skills of blending sounds together for reading and segmenting (breaking up) words for spelling. 

In Reception to Year 2, children have daily phonics sessions where they are introduced to new phonemes, with the opportunity to explore, practice and revise  learning.  We provide opportunities to apply the knowledge they have. 

The order that we teach the letters and sounds follows Floppy’s Phonics Alphabetic Code. 

Level 1/phase 2


Level 2/phase 3


Level 3/phase 3


Level 4 /phase 4


Level 5 /Phase 5

eigh,ey,a,a-e,ae,ea,e,ey,e-e,ie,I,i-e, o, oe, oe, ough, eau, se,, ce, ci, cy, sc, st, ge, gi, gy, ge, el, al, il, u, ue, eu, e, o, ou, ui, ough, our, au, al,-ar, er,-or,-ou,-our—re,-al, a,-s, si, ge,-u, ph, gh, ch, ie, ti, ci, ssi,sci,gu,gue,gh,ere,ier,ear,nn,kn,gn,rr,wr,rh,mm,mb,mn,qu,que,ore,oor,oar,augh,ough