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Welcome to Neverland Class!

Our team work closely to ensure all children have the correct support, guidance and most importantly feel happy and content whilst learning within our indoor and outdoor environment.

Each day consists of a balance of child initiated and adult led activities. Within the provision, children are given the opportunity to learn through play.

Both the indoor and the outdoor environment are set up to ensure that all children are able to explore and initiate activities while learning and developing key academic, social and physical skills. During continuous provision, the adults are available to ensure that play is purposeful and to challenge the children’s thinking, thus supporting their learning development in a safe learning environment.

Miss Baines

Miss Whitfield - TA

Mr Cross - TA

What kind of assessment is there in Reception
We use ‘Tapestry Online Learning Journal’ to share and celebrate children’s learning and development with parents/carers. We also value the observations that parents share with us and the children are often very proud to share the observations with the class.

How can I help my child in Reception? 
Reading books and phonic cards/tricky words will be sent home regularly. Your child will take home 2 books and will be changed twice a week. (Floppy’s Phonic and a book for pleasure). Please remember to sign your child’s reading record every time your child reads. 

 Top Tips for reading at home
1. Read 10 minutes every night with your child.
2. Discuss the illustrations. What do they think is going on? Why?
3. Predict what may happen? What would be good/bad etc.
4. Make up alternative endings.
5. Discuss what your child’s likes/dislikes are about the text.
6. What did we learn from the story? Was there a moral, did it give them any information?
     Was it factual or a fiction story?
7. Can you change your voice for all the characters?
8. Be guided by your child’s interests- Read your own stories as well as school books.
9. Become an explorer- Read fact, fiction, rhymes, poems, picture books.
10. Ask questions about the story.
11. Discuss the sequence of events. Can you recall the events?
12. Most important keep it short, enjoyable and fun.

The School Day
8.50am – Doors open and children are allowed to come into school
9.00am – The school day officially starts and the register is taken 
11.55am – Lunchtime break 
12.55pm – Afternoon session begins 
3.30pm – The school day finishes

PE: Our PE day is Thursday. Please come dressed in PE kits.

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