School Governors

What do School Governors do?

Governors are like a Board of Directors.  With leaders in the school they are responsible for how the school is run.  They are accountable to parents, the local community and the Local Authority. The minutes of governors’ meetings are kept in school but are available to interested parents. 

Governors are appointed to help: 

  • develop the vision and direction of the school; 
  • ensure that the school achieves the best it can for all its pupils; 
  • make decisions about the school’s budget and account for how money is spent. 

Who are governors?

The Board of Governors includes:

  • community representatives, including business men and women and those with educational experience; 
  • staff of the school, including the headteacher; 
  • a local authority representative; 
  • parents.

Who are the governors of our school?

Co-opted governors (community representatives) 

  • Dr A Sykes (Chair of Governors) 
  • Mr S Lucas (Vice chair) 
  • Mr A Banes 
  • Mrs J Bather 
  • Mr A J Davies 
  • Mrs C Doherty 
  • Mr J R Eaves 
  • Mr I S Rhodes 
  • Mrs J Ward 
  • Mr D Newark

Staff Governors

  • Miss J Mason (Headteacher) 
  • Mrs J Scantlebury 

Local Authority Governor

  • Mrs C Simpkin

Parent Governors

  • Mrs E Pritchard 
  • Mr D Newark
  • Vacancy 

How does the Board of Governors work?

The Board of Governors meets at least once a term.  It also has a number of committees that focus on different aspects of the school’s work and meet termly.  The four main committees are:

  • Curriculum Committee: Focuses on the intentions and implementation of the curriculum, particularly teaching.  Its chair is Mr S Lucas
  • Resources Committee: Focuses on the school’s finances, staffing, premises and other resources. Its chair is Mr A J Davies
  • Standards and Effectiveness Committee: Focuses on how well pupils achieve and how well the school plans for improvement. Its chair is Dr A Sykes.
  • Parents Committee: Focuses on how the school interacts with its parents and seeks & responds to their views. There is currently a vacancy for chair, but the vice chair is Mr S Lucas.