Children at Manor Beach Primary School are encouraged to become critical thinkers from an early age, through a creative curriculum suited to the children’s needs. The excitement, knowledge and skills will provide them with the foundations to support them in a world where science, technology and engineering are at the driving force in many sectors throughout the world.

In Reception, when children begin school, they are provided with endless scientific opportunities, using the outside learning area and Forest School through observing, questioning, problem solving and developing life skills. Each child is encouraged to explore, develop a sense of wonder and will develop deeper thinking and questioning skills to gain a better understanding of the world around them, such as how living things change throughout the seasons.

Once the children have acquired a developing understanding of the world around them, they will be able to carry out simple scientific tests and enquiries. As they move through school this develops further as they learn to carry out fair tests, make predictions, design scientific investigations, measure, record and analyse data and learn how to hypothesise using a wide range of scientific vocabulary.

Manor Beach’s Science Curriculum aims to nurture and encourage children to ask deeper questions and to have the confidence to make mistakes and to learn from them. All children are challenged to meet their full potential, regardless of their circumstances. This in turn will prepare them for life outside of the school environment and enable them to enjoy scientific learning.

At Manor Beach Primary School, we believe inspiring science lessons should be;

· Engaging

– Knowledge rich

– Progressive

· Practical and hands-on

· Inspiring and relevant

· Challenging

· Cross-Curricular (where relevant)

· Investigative

Throughout the year, children will participate in a wide range of science based activities.

Outside of Science lessons, we bring Science into school through interesting and relevant activities in British Science Week, Bird Watching Week, International Mud Day (linked to Forest School) and online Sessions with STEM and Children’s University.

Our aim is to create as many scientific opportunities as possible for the children at Manor Beach Primary, to provide a rich and creative curriculum.

Curriculum Overview

Progression in Science