We are a ‘Uniform’’ school because we believe a uniform looks smart, wears well and contributes to a feeling of belonging to the school.

The following are required:

  • Grey trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore dress/blue and white checked dress
  • Royal blue jumper/cardigan
  • Grey/white socks or tights
  • School tie
  • White shirt
  • Royal blue PE tops/PE shorts

A jumper or cardigan with the school logo is required.  While a PE top with the school logo is encouraged, it is not required.  

Items of uniform with the school logo on, and school ties, can be purchased from the school office.  Apart from these, everything else can be purchased from supermarkets and other shops.  The school office holds a stock of ‘Pre-loved’ items.

There is no requirement to wear specific uniform at particular times of the year i.e. winter/summer uniform. This is at the discretion of parents/carers but we would ask that consideration is given to the time of year and the weather.