Year 1&2 – Far Away Tree

Welcome to Far Away Tree Class!

Year 1 & Year 2 are exciting years, where your child continues their journey learning through the National Curriculum. Children learn and explore lots of new knowledge and skills.

Each day they continue to learn and apply phonics, learn how to apply their maths skills, read, learn and write a range of text types.  We also learn about past and present events and learn about different places in the world.  It is also an important time to be inquisitive and explore new learning.

Mrs Baines

Mrs Cunday - TA

What kind of assessment is there in Year 1 and Year 2?

End of year expectations:
By the end of Year 1 children will complete a Phonics Screening assessment where they will read 40 words with a teacher to assess their knowledge of letters and sounds and their ability to blend sounds to read words

By the end of Year 2 children will be assessed in reading, writing and maths to see if they have achieved the expected standard by the end of Key Stage 1

By the end of each academic year your child will be assessed against the Klips criteria.  This is linked to the National Curriculum and breaks the expectations into small steps.

Common Exception Words
Children also have Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception words that they are expected to read and spell.

How can I help my child in Faraway Tree Class?
It is important to read with your child daily.  The more often children practise their reading the easier it becomes. It is also important to practise counting forwards and backwards with your child to 100.  This can be done in ones, twos, fives and tens. Children also need to practise their maths skills, especially when working with numbers.

This online game practises number bonds and doubling and halving numbers:

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